A big welcome to the Eternal Garage!

Happy to have you join us.

The Eternal Garage was created for gearheads and collectors like us who love all things that move. EG is the online home for all of your mechanical passions, no matter how many or how little, how big or how small, or whether they operate on land, sea, or air. Cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, scale or remote-control models, game and console collections – we love them all! You can upload photos, video and audio, and tell us all about them.


The Eternal Garage is free. No charges. And you can create as many garage galleries as you like. So to keep the lights on, we’ve decided to allow advertising, but only very focused, relevant advertising; the kind of advertising you’d actually be interested in. No baby clothes, no food, no miracle pills. Only parts, kits, tools, vehicles and related services to make what you have and what you do even better.


Eternal Garage is a global community site. Your uploads can be shared with anyone you chose, or no one at all. Your choice. You can create your own profile page, make comments, start conversations, start and join specialized groups, and make a friends group.


Most of all, you can spend time building your gearhead history for you and your friends to remember. Express your passion your way and build your eternal garage to capture what you have, what you had, and even what you see out there – forever. And let us know what you like about EG and what we can improve on. This is your virtual, eternal garage, your way.


And, we will never allow anyone to ever have your email or any other personal information. Never. In fact, when you sign up, all we need is your real email address to verify you’re a real gearhead and a user name. You can choose to get email updates or note. Nothing else. Ever.


We look forward to seeing and hearing what’s in your Eternal Garage!

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